Magische Maschen Mode ONLINE!!!!!


Hurray, the first patterns of Magische Maschen Mode are online!

Here they are:


Work’nShop Bag


The pattern is available in German and English in my Ravelry Store.






Sanduhr Tunic


The pattern is available in German and English in my Ravelry Store.








There are three PDFs belonging to each pattern:

  • ·         Prologue and Guide
  • ·         Theoretical part “A little Theory of Swing-Knitting™ Light”
  • ·         Pattern instruction for the design

The Prologue and Guide shows you all the projects presented in the former book project
Magische Maschen Mode:







About the pricing of the patterns: The single patterns will be between 4 and 5 Euros each.

Bags:                       4 Euros each

Shawls:                   4 Euros each

Combinations:      5 Euros each

Garments:              5 Euros each


As a special offer, I divided all the patterns into two pattern collections.


The first collection

Magische Maschen Mode 1

will include:


Learning Tutorial Work’nShop Bag

Sanduhr Tunic

Sanduhr Skirt

Wintermond Shawl

Neptunia Shawl

Arielle 1 and 2 combinations of hats, scarves and wristlets

Arteko Kcombination of hat, scraf and wristlets

Body & Soul Dress

Ronda Vest

Sonata 1 und 2 Röcke


There are patterns for 18 garments or accessories altogether!











The second collection

Magische Maschen Mode 2

will include:


Learning Tutorial Work’nShop Bag

Blue Moon Bag

Parsada Bag

Contredanse Shawl

Sigma Shawl

Drachenschwinge Shawl

Ganmil combination of hat, cowl and wristlets

Ougenweide combination of hat, scarf and wristlets

Amano Jacket

Amano Skirt

Gaia Tunic

Kainana Circle Jacket

Slándáil Dress


There are patterns for 17 garments or accessories altogether!









If you want to have all the patterns in one of the PDF collections, you can subscribe here for 20,00 Euros for each collection:


Magische Maschen Mode 1



Magische Maschen Mode 2

is not set up yet.


Each published new pattern will be automatically added to the respective collection. Ravelry will send you an update notice for every new pattern.


If you are not a Ravelry member or if you can’t pay by Paypal, you can ask me for my bank account details by sending an e-mail to Please use this mail address only and don’t ask by Ravelry PM or Facebook PM. I offer both single patterns and the two PDF pattern collections via prepayment. As soon as the money transfer is on my bank account, I will send you the respective patterns as an e-mail attachment.


All the designs were an option for the printed book – the book Magische Maschen Mode would not have included all pattern instructions! I have decided to provide you all the patterns in two PDF collections. Whether there will be an assortment of the designs as a printed book, I cannot decide yet. When ALL instructions have been finished, I’ll know the actual number of pages (and colored pages). Only then I can choose an assortment for a printed version and do the research whether a book can be printed at a suitable price!



If you want to take a look at my Ravelry projects – here they are!





The Sanduhr Tunic in size M, beautifully knitted by Angelika and wonderfully presented bei Ines






















the Sanduhr Tunic in size XL, knitted and presented by me


















the unfelted version of the Work’nShop Bag








the felted version of the Work’nShop Bag









If you want to know when the next patterns will be published, what I am just knitting, what’s up at Magische Maschen –

on my Blog there are hot news nearly every day!


You can also find a roundup of all the published patterns of the series Magische Maschen Mode there:


Update June 2014

TitelIt’s been a long time since I have written here – sorry!!!!

There is so much that has happened!!!!!!

Those who read my blog regularly, will already know most of it.






The most important first:

My  new book MagischeMaschenMode won’t be published the way it was planned. The German publisher had to cancel their commitment by reasons of marketing and distribution.
You can read about it here:


I have come to these decisions now:


  • All book projects will be published on Ravelry as single projects, in German and English.
  • I’ll also offer the option to buy all patterns for a “bundle price”. All patterns will be added to this bundle as soon as I have finished them.
  • All projects made with yarn that have no guarantee of availability, will be newly knitted. I’ll use wonderful yarns that are CERTAINLY available internationally!
  • Whether there will be a print version of the book, I cannot decide now. I fist have to work over all patterns and make a new layout. Then I’ll know how many pages there will be. And only then I can make some research whether the book can be printed for a tolerable price!
  • On my blog I’ll tell you all news about the book project asap!







I finally managed to make a list of all my Swing-Knitting Workshops and all my single patterns, you can find it here as well:

As soon as I am back from the Nordic Knitting Symposium in Finland, I’m going to update the respective pages here as well.



Swing-Knitting™ Workshops

June 2014:

Up to now, I have published 7 Swing-Knitting Workhops and several additional projects. You can get them all in my Ravelry Shop.


The Swing-Knitting Workshops


All Swing-Knitting Workshops are very detailed tutorials. The technique is explained step by step with a lot of photos and schematics.
Each Workshop has a project to practice the newly learned techniques.



The Swing-Knitting Workshops are consecutive, and you’ll have to work through them one after the other in order to understand all the secrets of Swing-Knitting™.
After finishing workshop 3, you’ll know all the basics of Swing-Knitting™, and you’ll be able to use this wonderful technique by yourself, designing your own pieces of knitted art.

Swing-Stricken Kursbaustein 1

Swing-Knitting Workshop 1

Swing-Stickning Studiecirkel 1

Le Tricot Swing 1

The first basic Swing-Knitting Workshop is available in German, English, French and Swedish.

Swing-Stricken Kursbaustein 2

Swing-Knitting Workshop 2

Swing-Stickning Studiecirkel 2

The second basic Swing-Knitting Workshop is available in German, English and Swedish.

Swing-Stricken Kursbaustein 3

Swing-Knitting Workshop 3

The third basic Swing-Knitting Workshop is available in German and English.

Advanced Swing-Knitting

The advanced workshops build on the basic workshops.

Swing-Knitting™ Workshop 4 – Swingy Playground Wrap

Swing-Knitting Workshop 4 is available in German and English.

Swing-Knitting™ Workshop 5 – Swingy Hitchhiker

Swing-Knitting Workshop 5 is available in German and English.

Swing-Knitting™ Workshop 6 – Wild Thing

Swing-Knitting Workshop 6 still is only available in German. The English translation will come soon.

Swing-Knitting™ Workshop 7 – Swingy Phoenix

Swing-Knitting Workshop 5 is available in German and English.

Swing-Socken – Swingy Feet

The German oz Verlag published a book on swing-knitted socks. The socks apply part of the complex Swing-Knitting technique.
The book is available in German, Netherlands, Spanish and Russian.
Because there will be no English translation of the Swing-Socken book, I decided to write special sock glasses in English only.
Up to now two Swingy Feet sock workshops are available, in English only.

Swingy Feet

You do not need any prior knowledge in Swing-Knitting to knit these socks! Everything you need to know, is explained in detail!

Super Sede Sox – Swing-Knitting™ Swingy Feet 1

Sugar Baby Love – Swingy Feet Workshop 2 – Swing-Knitting™


Projects in Swing-Knitting without prior knowledge

I wrote several pattern instructions on swing-knitted projects you can knit without prior Swing-Knitting knowledge. You can find them here:

Spring Plumage 

available in German, English and Danish


available in German and English

Iddo Hat

available in German and English

Iddo Scarf

available in German and English

Hundertwasser Neptunia

available in German and English


available in German and English



Nordic Knitting Symposium in Vörå 2014

Swing-Knitting Live at the Nordic Knitting Symposium – from June 29 to July 5 I’ll be there to teach classes!

There will be about 120 participants from all over the world. Half of the places are already booked just one week after publishing the program!
The program is awesome - here you can download the complete program in English.





This is what I will offer:
On two days, I’ll teach the Swing-Knitting Taster Course as a one-day workshop. One of the classes is already sold out.
Let me show you some examples what to make of the swatch we’ll knit there!


There will be an advanced class as well.  “Swing-Knitting – Beyond the Basics” will be a one-day class after the Taster Courses. You’ll learn elements of the pin dance there – half of the places in this class are already booked.

You’ll get detailed information how you can make your swatch into a bag, a top, …….

The top isn’t finished yet – I’m waiting for more yarn to arrive :) …..



I’ll also give a lecture on short rows – what else :)????



You can register for this unique event here:



Happy Birthday, Swing-Knitting!

DSC_0013 korr

Three years ago I started writing the Swing-Knitting™ tutorials and patterns for short row designs – exactly 3 years ago I published the first Swing-Knitting™ workshop! The Ravelry group I founded Dec 31st 2010, the group has more than 3000 members now!
That’s a reason for having a party!!!!!!!!


My hug for you: The pattern for the Santi wrap you’ll get for half the price until Dec31st!
The coupon code is Swing3.




“Santi“ is a haiColl Hexentuch1tian word and means “feeling good and comfortable“. This is what I want this wrap to be for you! Knit it for you or a good friend as a means of happiness, as a comfort, as a loving hug. You can knit it without any prior knowledge about short row knitting!

You can adapt this wrap to every season or theme by the way you choose your colors. Knit it as a Christmas wrap with red, green and white. Knit it for Halloween with pumpkin colors and black. Knit it as a Spring wrap with light green and hand dyed flower colors, as a Summer wrap with water colors …. Use your imagination and knit the wrap in your favorite colors! I knitted my Santi in Drachenwoche Wolkenschloss in hand died color “coven free dance” and semisolid grey.
If you knit the wrap with DK yarn (200m/ 100g) and needle US8, as I did, your wrap will become as large as mine. If you use a thinner yarn as sock yarn, your wrap will become smaller and you’ll need less yarn.
The ruffles are made by attaching a ruffle yarn / shawl yarn directly while knitting. You can use a ruffle yarn of your choice, and you can knit the wrap without ruffles.

Most of the wrap is done in garter stitch. How to knit the different increases on the edges and how to cast off in a very elastic way or with an attached I-cord, I’ll explain to you. Some parts of the wrap are shaped like wedges. I use German short rows to form these wedges, and I’ll show you how to make the double stitch after turning the short row. How to attach the ruffle yarn I show you in detail.


DSC_0021 korrMore about Santi you can read in my pattern description on Ravelry and at mynd beim Ravelry project page.


Spring Plumage in Granby, CO

Spring Plumage Granby

I’m so happy to announce another live class in the US!

On Monday, Sept 9th we’ll start to knit the Spring Plumage cardigan in
Granby CO, at Lonesome Stone Alpacas, Natural Fiber Mill, and Yarn.

The class is for  intermediate knitters.
You don’t need any prior knowledge in Swing-Knitting™ to knit the Spring Plumage cardigan!

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (including breaks) we will understand the construction of the cardigan, and we’ll knit the first feather and triangle together.

Heidrun Liegmann, Creator of Swing-Knitting™, Author, Teacher and Designer
Brigitte Elliott, Member of TNNA, Teacher and Designer

Course Limit: 20 students

Course Fee: $65
A non-refundable deposit of $20 is required to reserve a seat.
Checks should be made out to:
BZKnitter, LLC, P. O. Box 2921, Silverthorne, CO  80498
Payment in full is due upon arrival.

Class includes: 72 page pattern tutorial in color print

Please bring:
Necessary yarn and needles for the project (depending on your size, select yarn and needles to obtain the gauge) :
600-700g Worsted weight solid yarn
350-430g Worsted weight variegated yarn
2 circular knitting needles 4.5 mm = US 7 (or fitting yarn and gauge), at least 100 cm (40 in) long
crochet hook
waste yarn

18 stitches and 36 rows (=18 garter ridges) = 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 in) in garter stitch using MC (US#7)

You can easily use different yarns with a different gauge. According to the pattern, the raglan cardigan fits sizes 8 to 18 comfortably in the shoulders.  During its construction, you can try on and adjust the Spring Plumage to fit your size.  The sizes differ in the front panels by how much they overlap.

You can see more photos of finished Spring Plumages with different types of yarn on the Ravelry pattern site:

You can download the class sheet here:

Spring plumage is online!


      for 5.00 € in my Ravelry shop

Finally the instructions and the English translation are finished – here it is, my Spring Plumage!
“Spring Plumage“ is a long A-Line cardigan to fit over long tunics.






It is constructed with elements of Nadita’s DREAMBIRD, but it is an independent design.
The decorative feathers and the construction based on triangles were inspired by the DREAMBIRD, and if you already have done this beautiful shawl this will help you with my Spring Plumage.

I changed the feather element in a few places – The difference to the Dreambird will be explained in the instructions for the feather.
Knitting a cardigan is very different to knitting a shawl. Therefore I had to change the triangle parts of the DREAMBIRD completely. They are different for the different parts of the cardigan. The differences will be explained in the individual sections.
The cardigan will be knitted in one part seamlessly. Even the sleeves are directly added without a seam. There is only one grafted seam which closes each sleeve with Kitchener Stitch.


The pattern instructions are made for yarn with a gauge of 18 stitches/ 18 double rows for 10 x 10 cm (4×4 in) in garter stitch.
You can easily use different yarns with a different gauge. You can try on the Spring Plumage with every step of the instruction, so you can easily see which size you’ll have to follow to make the plumage fit your size.

Spring Plumage has a kind of raglan design and a swinging A-line shape. This makes the cardigan very adaptable to your body shape. My cardigan size L fits perfectly in the shoulder from size 38 to 48 (US 8 to 18). The various sizes differ only in how much the front sections overlap: with the smaller sizes they overlap a lot, with the larger ones they build a type of V-neck.

The pattern includes 3 types of explanations:
charts for each part that can be downloaded as single files, 
written explanation.

My warmest THANK YOU to all who helped me getting this pattern instruction completed!
Nadita for her beautiful DREAMBIRD as inspiration for the cardigan
Baba for corrections, test knitting and most valuable help in drawing and correcting the charts
Silvia, Ines and Christa for corrections and test knitting
Eva for her warm and positively critical way of correcting my German language
Orla for her help with the English translation.



Swing-Knitting™ Live Class in Tempe, Arizona

I’m happy to announce another Swing-Knitting Live Class in the US – together with Tempe Yarn & Fiber we’ll have a wonderful time together and learn all about the basics of Swing-Knitting!

The next date that is fixed is the class in Tempe, Arizona, September 13th to 15th.

Tempe Yarn & Fiber is a family owned and operated Local Yarn Shop located just off the Arizona State University campus.  They offer a wide range of lovely yarns, fibers, needles, notions, patterns, books, spinning wheels, looms, and locally made items.  They also offer numerous beginning, advanced and special skills classes,  plus, we regularly bring in outside well known instructors (i.e. Cat Bordhi, JC Brair, Joan Schrouder, Gwen Bortner, Edie Eckman, and now me :)) to grow and challenge their customers.   For more information visit

The Tempe Yarn PDF sheet you can download here:

Swing-Knitting™ Live Class in Cheyenne, WYO, in September



I’ll be in the US in September this year, and Brigitte Elliott and me are on our way on planning my stay.

The next date that is fixed is the class in Cheyenne, WYO, September 20th to 22nd.

In Penny’s beautiful shop Ewe Count ( we’ll spend a wonderful time together and learn all the basics of Swing-Knitting  in a 3 day retreat.

The Ewe Count PDF sheet you can download here.







New York swings!

I’ll take off in only one more week – I’ll visit the US!

First I’ll go to Fort Lauderdale to visit my friend and US representative for Swing-Knitting™. Brigitte Elliott, I am so excited to meet you soon!!

On Jan 17th I’ll fly to New York to attend Vogue Knitting Live! from Jan 18 to 20. Not just for fun though this gigantic event would be reason enough to do so :).

I am one of the ten finalistis in the great Vogue Knitting / Zealana Design Contest! On Jan 19th my design “Twilight Swing” will be presented on the great Fashion Show during the Gala Diner, and after this event I’ll be allowed to show it to you. During the Gala Diner the winners of the design contest will be awarded – I am so happy I’ll be there!

There seems to be no way to evade chaos for me I suppose: The package with the original design is lost! I sent it to New York an Dec 10th, it did not arrive up to now ….. And now I’m doing very little else than knitting after I have organized the materials a second time. I’ll knit day and night to take a twin of the design to New York – in my hand luggage of course! And all with my left hand in a cast, I have broken it ….. The jumper WILL be finished up to then, and it will be presented for the first time on the catwalk!

More information you can find on my blog