Workshop 4 progresses …

Workshop 4 progresses …

We have already finished the first part of the “Playground” Wrap – parts 2 and 3 will follow asap.

I am swing-knitting and writing, and my test knitters are just some stanzas behind. I’ve already worked the theory part over and added all answers to the questions my test knitters had. And where they have difficulties doing the Swing-Knitting, I explain in more detail.

And Nada is already working on the English translation, doing the parts that will change no more.

I’ll keep you up-to-date!

Workshop 4 is growing ….

Swing-Knitting Workshop 4 is halfway on its way to you!
The theoretical part is complete containing lots of information, ideas and suggestions concerning knitting melodies and pauses, and with more ideas how to start a swing-knitted work and how to do the finale. Up to now it’s 28 pages with 19 illustrations – I bet there won’t be many unanswered questions left :).
At this moment we are working on the “Swingy Playground Wrap” – some of the new knitting melodies will be tested within this wrap. The picture shows the first part of the wrap after knitting melody 1.
We- that is Nada and me – are knitting at the same time but independently, this way we are able to check the pin positions directly after the stanzas!
Of course, as always you’ll get all sorts of practical help in this Workshop – I’ll explain in detail what we do when something “happens” (like fastening new safety pins or pins as bar lines) and I’ll give you my pin positions as a control.
As soon as half of the wrap is finished, it will become test-knitted by a knitter who “only” worked through Workshops 1 to 3 yet. And her questions will be considered in the text – I want you to understand everything at once, and I want you to just follow me and knit, without difficulties!

At the same time we already work on the English translation of the theory part and the test-knitted practical parts – this time you won’t have to wait long for the English version!

The first English version will be our translation again, and Brigitte Elliott will “polish” it afterwards – you’ll get an update as soon as the “perfect language version” is online.

We hope and are quite confident that both the German and English versions will be online by the end of this month

Swing-Knitting™ Workshop 3 finally is online!

Finally! The third and last of the three Swing-Knitting basic workshops is online now!

76 pages, more than 50 colored illustrations, PDF-Download $ 15.90

The translation is Nada’s and mine – it hasn’t yet been “polished” by Brigitte, but I’m sure you’ll understand it perfectly. You’ll get an update when Brigitte has worked it over and “Americanized” it :).

The three Swing-Knitting workshops are consecutive, and you’ll have to work through them one after the other in order to understand all the secrets of Swing-Knitting.

After finishing workshop 3, you’ll know all the basics of Swing-Knitting, and you’ll be able to use this wonderful technique by yourself, designing your own pieces of knitted art.

In Workshop 3, you’ll learn:
• How to combine dark and light stanzas – the full Swing-Knitting technique
• Yet another way of designing the pauses
• Composition of the Swingy Shawl
• Knitting light and dark stanzas and pauses
• The “finale” of a straight knit
• How to knit attractive buttonholes ….

Workshop 3 is 76 pages long. In a very detailed way using more than 50 colored pictures, it will teach you the third and last part of the Swing-Knitting basics – and you learn this while swing-knitting the Swingy Shawl.

Please join our Ravelry group “Knitting the Swing – Swing-Knitting” - there you’ll find questions and answers and a lot of shared swing-knitted projects! The group is both in English and German, and the important posts I translate into both languages.

Have fun knitting the Swing!

The last update to Swing-Knitting™ 1

Here it is – the last update to Swing-Knitting 1!

Brigitte Elliott has done a real LOT of work on this workshop – it now is perfect American English!

Buyers of Workshop 1 will have got a notice by Ravelry with a new download link to get the update.

Update to Swing-Knitting™ 1


I’ve just uploaded an update to Workshop 1.
The technique is unchanged, of course, but there are fewer spelling mistakes and some translation errors fixed. A native speaker polished it up – so the used vocabulary is correct now.
I hope you enjoy Swing-Knitting now even better!

Those who bought Workshop 1 on Ravelry, will be sent an email with update information and direct link.

If you want to buy Workshop 1 now – here is the direct link :

Have a great day, Heidrun