Magische Maschen Mode ONLINE!!!!!


Hurray, the first patterns of Magische Maschen Mode are online!

Here they are:


Work’nShop Bag


The pattern is available in German and English in my Ravelry Store.






Sanduhr Tunic


The pattern is available in German and English in my Ravelry Store.








There are three PDFs belonging to each pattern:

  • ·         Prologue and Guide
  • ·         Theoretical part “A little Theory of Swing-Knitting™ Light”
  • ·         Pattern instruction for the design

The Prologue and Guide shows you all the projects presented in the former book project
Magische Maschen Mode:







About the pricing of the patterns: The single patterns will be between 4 and 5 Euros each.

Bags:                       4 Euros each

Shawls:                   4 Euros each

Combinations:      5 Euros each

Garments:              5 Euros each


As a special offer, I divided all the patterns into two pattern collections.


The first collection

Magische Maschen Mode 1

will include:


Learning Tutorial Work’nShop Bag

Sanduhr Tunic

Sanduhr Skirt

Wintermond Shawl

Neptunia Shawl

Arielle 1 and 2 combinations of hats, scarves and wristlets

Arteko Kcombination of hat, scraf and wristlets

Body & Soul Dress

Ronda Vest

Sonata 1 und 2 Röcke


There are patterns for 18 garments or accessories altogether!











The second collection

Magische Maschen Mode 2

will include:


Learning Tutorial Work’nShop Bag

Blue Moon Bag

Parsada Bag

Contredanse Shawl

Sigma Shawl

Drachenschwinge Shawl

Ganmil combination of hat, cowl and wristlets

Ougenweide combination of hat, scarf and wristlets

Amano Jacket

Amano Skirt

Gaia Tunic

Kainana Circle Jacket

Slándáil Dress


There are patterns for 17 garments or accessories altogether!









If you want to have all the patterns in one of the PDF collections, you can subscribe here for 20,00 Euros for each collection:


Magische Maschen Mode 1



Magische Maschen Mode 2

is not set up yet.


Each published new pattern will be automatically added to the respective collection. Ravelry will send you an update notice for every new pattern.


If you are not a Ravelry member or if you can’t pay by Paypal, you can ask me for my bank account details by sending an e-mail to Please use this mail address only and don’t ask by Ravelry PM or Facebook PM. I offer both single patterns and the two PDF pattern collections via prepayment. As soon as the money transfer is on my bank account, I will send you the respective patterns as an e-mail attachment.


All the designs were an option for the printed book – the book Magische Maschen Mode would not have included all pattern instructions! I have decided to provide you all the patterns in two PDF collections. Whether there will be an assortment of the designs as a printed book, I cannot decide yet. When ALL instructions have been finished, I’ll know the actual number of pages (and colored pages). Only then I can choose an assortment for a printed version and do the research whether a book can be printed at a suitable price!



If you want to take a look at my Ravelry projects – here they are!





The Sanduhr Tunic in size M, beautifully knitted by Angelika and wonderfully presented bei Ines






















the Sanduhr Tunic in size XL, knitted and presented by me


















the unfelted version of the Work’nShop Bag








the felted version of the Work’nShop Bag









If you want to know when the next patterns will be published, what I am just knitting, what’s up at Magische Maschen –

on my Blog there are hot news nearly every day!


You can also find a roundup of all the published patterns of the series Magische Maschen Mode there: