Tuttifrutti is online!



Finally – I just released Tuttifrutti on Ravelry, in German and English!

It took my quite a time to make the translation and the tech-editing of the English version …


Colorful as a fresh fruit salad, that’s how the patterning of this cardigan appears. The cardigan has no closures, and its bottom is curved.

The cardigan is knitted in one piece, without any seams! It is knitted top down. The patterning applies elements of Swing-Knitting. They are explained for Swing-Knitters and row by row.

There is only 1 single row purled, and one piece of the sleeve is knitted in garter stitch in rounds. 99% of this cardigan are knit stitches only!

The cardigan is begun like a shawl – and then the parts that are missing to make it a cardigan, are filled in in different knitting directions. I’ll explain the quite complex construction step by step.

I’ll describe two different sleeve versions: one version for a narrow and close-fitting sleeve, the other version for a wider sleeve.


The pattern instruction is subdivided into four parts:

· Part A (pages 8 to 14) gives all general information about the cardigan, please read it before you begin!

· Part B (pages 15 to 61) explains the complete cardigan for Swing-Knitters™.

· Part C (pages 63 to 146) explains the pattern row by row.

· Part D (pages 147 to 172) explains all knitting techniques that might not be known by everyone, step by step as photo tutorials.

Every segment is explained in detail, for Swing-Knitters™ and in the row-by-row version.


Sizes: Depending on your yarn and gauge!

Size DE 38 to 54, that’s size S to 3XL or US10 to US24

The cardigan is knitted identically for all sizes – the different gauges of different yarn types are used to generate different sizes. I’ll explain this in detail!

The different sizes with different yarns and how much you’ll need of these yarns is shown in the photos in the Ravelry pattern!

The complex construction gives no chance to change stitch numbers for different sizes. I’d have to calculate and knit and write a completely new pattern for every single size.

The yarn you choose and the matching gauge decide about the finished size of this cardigan!

Therefore, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to make a proper swatch before you begin!


The cardigan will keep its shape very well, due to the appropriate yarn and the different knitting directions. Gauges before and after washing are broadly similar.

I urgently advise against choosing a 1ply un-plied yarn! A single yarn tends to get baggy much more than a plied yarn, and it tends to pill a lot more – the stronger the yarn you choose, the longer you will enjoy the finished cardigan!

Pure merino wool will “grow” more to length than mix yarns, when you wear it. At least if the garment is not very slim-fitting.


 You will need additionally:

4 circulars in matching needle size, 2 x 80 cm, 2 x 150 cm long
1 circular needle 4.5 mm
5 additional needles in matching needle size or smaller, as long as possible
1 set of double points in matching needle size
1 crochet hook in matching needle size
3 closed stitch markers
4 lockable stitch markers

For Swing-Knitters™:
a lot of light and dark safety pins



Thank you to my Stricktreff ladies for modeling!













My 3 Ravelry projects for Tuttifrutti with precise yarn details you can find here:




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