Happy New Year!

I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2012 – may it become a year that brings you health, happyness and always some stitches on your needles!

Merry Christmas!

I wish you a happy, blessed and healthy Christmas Time full of peace, harmony, time to knit and nice woolly presents!

and part of her familiy :)

The pig is out of the poke! Swing socks!

The pig is out of the poke! SWING SOCKS


In January, oz Verlag publishes my first book – Swing-Socks.


It is only available in German yet. 13 different sock models 3 sizes each – 7 for women, 3 for men, 3 for children. A detailed step by step instruction how to work this kind of socks and a short introduction into Swing-Knitting™.


all model photos

© Christophorus Verlag GmbH & Co. KG/ Freiburg


I’d never have thought how much work it is to make such a book! And how much fun it is! Many thanks to Claudia Schuh of oz Verlag, Regina Sidabras as editor and Michaela Renz as special editor for the wonderful  teamwork!

FINALLY! Workshop 5 is there!

FINALLY – Workshop 5 is online!

Up to now it’s „only” the German version but we hope to get the English version ready by mid January. Sorry, we need a break! Nada who has promised to do the translation for me will have time after the Holidays, and she’ll need her time. Please have even some more patience, you’ll be rewarded :)!

Workshop 5 is the largest workshop I probably will ever write (?) – 108 pages, 94 photos and illustrations … You’ll really learn a LOT of tips and tricks in Swing-Knitting™! In order to understand this workshop, you must have done Swing-Knitting™ 1 to 3.

Part 1 of this workshop is about “First Aid” – how to cope with mistakes, irregularities and mishaps while knitting – including Karin Fischer’s excellent description how to save a fallen double stitch.

In part 2 we’ll do the Swingy Hitchhiker – a large crescent shawl, diagonally swing-knitted, that can be bound in your back. When I chose this project I didn’t guess the least of all the advanced Swing-Knitting™ techniques it brings along!

When you’ve swing-knitted™ the Swingy Hichhiker along we me, you will have earned your “journeyman’s exam” – and you will be fit to do your own projects in Swing-Knitting™ technique!

I had to knit four Swingy Hitchhikers to write this workshop – inbetween was a long pause because of my tenancy changeover and some good and some bad occurrences – now I wish you BIG FUN swing-knitting your Swingy Hitchhiker!

Swingy Julekuler online!

Two days ago, the German version of the Swingy Julekuler went online on Ravelry, and I just finished uploading the English version.

My new neighbours charming young tom cats are to “blame” – they visit me quite frequently and think my Christmas decoration is a wonderful playground :), so my glass ornaments will stay in the box this year, I needed new unbreakable decoration for the Christmas tree!

The Swingy Julekuler are a fast and easy project. If you’ve done Swing-Knitting™ Workshops 1 to 3, you’ll have no problem following my step by step instruction.

On 27 pages with 48 pictures I show you 8 different ornaments: for two yarn weights and two ball sizes (6 and 10 cm), two pattern each with different stanzas . makes a total of 8.

You’ll learn something new as well – how to swing-knit in the round!

And now have fun “kulering” :)!

… coming soon: Swingy Julekuler

Just wanna show you what I’m working on – puzzling and writing: Swingy Julekulers!

The pattern will go online by the end of next week, just in time for Christmas – including 8 different kulers in 2 sizes, 2 yarn weights, different swing borders … quite addictive, I tell you :)!

My new neighbours two young tom cats are to blame – they succeeded in persuading me to leave all my breakable Christmas stuff packed this year :)