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Finally – the Sun Teaser pattern is released!

Why did it last so long?

After writing the German version, it was test-knitted for several times, then I made the corrections before starting the translation.

Then I had I real lot of problems and trouble with the professional translation program that I use – it supposedly should save lots of time and effort … Instead I played around with their support for about 3 weeks, then having a translations full of errors …

Then I gave the tech-edited translation to Mav Kuhn for proof-reading. Mav is a native speaker who works as translator for German-English, and she is a knitter, and she is an outstanding artist! When I got her super corrections, I had a time-out because of illness …

Whatever, now the pattern finally is online :)!








Teasing the sun to shine – that’s what I want! The sunny yellow of this shawl interrupts the rainy gray of summer this year in Germany!

The shawl is knitted top down. The patterning applies elements of Swing-Knitting™. They are explained for Swing-Knitters™ and row by row.

The sun rays border is knitted all around the shawl. This is quite an effort but worth the time. The sun rays border is knitted in “Openwork” technique. It is explained step by step as well.

The pattern instruction is subdivided into 5 parts:

  • Part A (pages 6 to 8) gives all general information about the shawl – please read it before you begin!
  • Part B (pages 9 to 19) explains the pattern for Swing-Knitter.
  • Part C (pages 20 to 46) explains the pattern row by row.
  • Part D (pages 47 to 70) explains the sun rays border in Openwork technique step by step. General instructions for finishing the shawl are given here as well.
  • Part E (pages 71 to 88) explains all knitting techniques that might not be known by everyone, with step by step photos.



















There is not a single purl stitch in this shawl!

All terms used in Swing-Knitting™ are explained in the technical part!


























Sun Teaser is a shawl with a kind of cape shape. It is shaped like a triangle on the back, whereas both fronts form a long triangle. The neckline is shaped – so the shawl will fit your shoulders very well. The shawl is knitted top down in one piece.

Size: The middle tips on the back and over the shoulders are approx. 68 cm deep, the front tips are approx. 107 cm long.



















You will need:

2 x 100 g 4ply sock yarn (420m / 100g) in a dark color, they will be used up nearly completely

3 x 100 g 4ply sock yarn (420m / 100g) in a light color, you will use approx. 240 g = 1000 meters


Gauge (before washing and blocking):

24 stitches and 25 double rows (50 rows) = 10 x 10 cm in garter stitch with needles 3.5 mm

Gauge (after washing and blocking):

23 stitches and 20 double rows (40 rows) = 10 x 10 cm in garter stitch with needles 3.5 mm


Additionally you will need:

1 circular knitting needle 3.5 mm, at least 150 cm long

1 set of double points 3.5 mm

1 crochet hook 3.5 mm

1 cable needle or a double point needle as cable needle

13 closed stitch markers

For Swing-Knitters™:

A lot of light and dark safety pins

4 lockable stitch markers



THANK YOU to Petra for modeling, and THANK YOU to my test knitters Petra, Ines, Katharina and Silke!

And now have fun knitting the Sune Teaser – I am looking forward to your photos!


In today’s blog entry you can look at a lot more photos:

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