Swing-Knitting™ Workshops 6 and 7

Workshop 6 –
Advanced Swing-Knitting
Wild Thing

This is the first Advanced Swing-Knitting™ Workshop!

While swing-knitting™ a “wild” scarf with pockets, you’ll learn a lot of new stuff:

• How to swing-knit™ in stockinette stitch and how to use “target pins” to do this more easily
• A new way to provisionally cast on
• How to double your stitches without pain and get the second set of stitches onto a circular needle in one step
• How to swing-knit™ stanzas in two or more colors
• How to make different types of tuckings as pause elements

The scarf is done in two-colored brioche stitch, both pockets are swing-knitted™ in a “wild” patterning – that’s how the Thing got its name :).

Step by step I lead you through the whole process, on 71 pages with 131 photos. All stanzas, pauses, tuckings, the joining of the pockets to the scarf on the go, two-colored brioche – every step you see in detail. You can decide whether you’ll follow my tutorial and knit the exact garment or you’ll use my explanations as input for your own wild creations.

To understand this Workshop, you must have mastered at least Swing-Knitting™ Workshops 1 to 3.


  as PDF download

There is only a German version yet – I’ll try to translate it as soon as possible!
As we are already working on the next Workshop, it may take a little longer this time – thank you for your patience!



 Workshop 7 -
Advanced Swing-Knitting™ 2
Swingy Phoenix

The Swingy Phoenix is Workshop 7 of Swing-Knitting™.

It presents exciting new elements of Swing-Knitting™ for the advanced knitter:
• Swinging around the corner
• Various possibilities of corner design
• Angles within the knitting
• Multiple stanzas
• Conducting for the advanced Swing Knitter™ – placing of stanzas

You should master the content of Swing-Knitting™ Workshops 1 to 3 before you start to knit the Swingy Phoenix. It is also advisable to have finished some projects.

We learn these new elements by knitting the Swingy Phoenix together step by step.

There are 60 pages with more than 100 photos and schematics which help you to understand the thought process. You have the possibility to stick to my example or design your shawl independently.

The Swingy Phoenix can be downloaded either as a German or English version.

Those who do not (yet) Swing-Knit can download a free version of Phoenix in a striped design!

    as PDF download