Swingtrelac is online!

I just released Swingtrelac on Ravelry!



Swingtrelac is a long triangular shawl. It is completely composed of Swing-Knitting™ elements – those are explained row by row and for Swing-Knitters. There are additional Swing elements in the border around the shawl.

The shawl is approx. 230 cm wide and 65 cm deep in the middle tip. The size can be easily adapted by adding or omitting complete Entrelac rows.

For Swingtrelac, you use 4ply sock yarn. The 2 colors should strongly contrast.
You need:
2 x 100 g 4ply sock yarn in a light color
2 x 100 g 4ply sock yarn in a dark color




You know Entrelac – the wonderful pattern of interwoven segments composed of little squares that either lean to the right or to the left side.

Swingtrelac is the adaptation of Entrelac to Swing-Knitting™ – the squares that are interwoven are not small but large squares patterned in the Swing-Knitting™ technique.

• Every square is composed identically, every square is 33 stitches wide and 33 double rows high. The Swing-Knitting pattern on each square is a calculated one, no free Swing-Knitting. It consists of light stanzas only. Stanzas and pauses are knitted in garter stitch with contrasting yarns (the specific Swing-Knitting terms are explained in detail in the technical part).

• As it is done in “true Entrelac”, the left-leaning squares are knitted on the right side of the fabric in garter stitch, the right-leaning squares are knitted on the wrong side of the fabric in reverse garter stitch.



The pattern instruction is subdivided into 3 parts:
• Part A (pages 8 to 55) explains the pattern for Swing-Knitters™.
• Part B (pages 56 to 98) explains the pattern row by row.
• Part C (pages 99 to 108) explains all knitting techniques that might not be known by everyone, step by step as photo series.

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