Swing-Knitting™ International

Back from the US – this was a great experience!

Highlight No 1 was MY design Twilight Swing on the catwalk in the Vogue Knitting Live Contest Finalist’s Fashion Show during the Gala Dinner. More than 200 designers had taken part in this contest, and I was one of the finalists!

This is my slide show about the finalists’ Fashion show, the photos you can find here:



To give you an impression of this gigantic event Vogue Knitting Live!, I’ve made up some slide shows – you can look at the photos one by one in my Picasa folders.


The Marketplace with an enormous offer of wonderful yarns and more



Zealana-Modenschau during the Gala Diner



Parts of other Fashions Shows on the Marketplace’s stages


The Art Exhibitions on the 6th floor of the Marriott Marquis Hotel were very impressive – more photos you can find here.



I took a class with Cat Bordhi about advanced Moebius techniques. She is a wonderful woman and a great teacher! My Moebius is not finished yet, I’ll tell you more about it on my blog http://magischemaschen.blogspot.de in a few days.












Before I went to New York City, I spent three wonderful days with Brigitte Elliott in Florida. We did not only lots of planning about Swing-Knitting™ in the US, but I also got to know a lot of her most amiable knitting friends, and we had a lot of fun. And I succeeded to nearly finish my Hourglass Skirt along the way so that I could wear it during the Gala Diner of Vogue Knitting Live!





My package with Twilight Swing 1 arrived in New York on Jan 14th. Twilight Swing 2 I finished the night before my departure at 3:20 a.m. ….. The Twilight Twin is now at Zealana Europe (www.lanamania.com) and will be exhibited on H+H Cologne.


On my blog http://magischemaschen.blogspot.de you can read more details about my journey to the US.



Do you already guess? This was not my last trip to the US! Brigitte Elliott and me are planning some live classes for late summer/autumn this year – more about our plans will come soon here, on my blog and in my Ravelry group!



New York swings!

I’ll take off in only one more week – I’ll visit the US!

First I’ll go to Fort Lauderdale to visit my friend and US representative for Swing-Knitting™. Brigitte Elliott, I am so excited to meet you soon!!

On Jan 17th I’ll fly to New York to attend Vogue Knitting Live! from Jan 18 to 20. Not just for fun though this gigantic event would be reason enough to do so :).

I am one of the ten finalistis in the great Vogue Knitting / Zealana Design Contest! On Jan 19th my design “Twilight Swing” will be presented on the great Fashion Show during the Gala Diner, and after this event I’ll be allowed to show it to you. During the Gala Diner the winners of the design contest will be awarded – I am so happy I’ll be there!

There seems to be no way to evade chaos for me I suppose: The package with the original design is lost! I sent it to New York an Dec 10th, it did not arrive up to now ….. And now I’m doing very little else than knitting after I have organized the materials a second time. I’ll knit day and night to take a twin of the design to New York – in my hand luggage of course! And all with my left hand in a cast, I have broken it ….. The jumper WILL be finished up to then, and it will be presented for the first time on the catwalk!

More information you can find on my blog magischemaschen.blogspot.de.