Swing-Knitting™ – What’s that?

Swing-Knitting – What’s that?

Swing-Knitting is a very special practice of short row knitting – a very old technique. But we will use it to form a very special design, a unique look.

Why is it called Swing-Knitting?

Well, that’s because swing-knitting “swings“  –  it’s like knitting music! You knit with only one color at a time, and your “knitting melody” gives the beat. You knit “stanzas” – defined knitted areas. This kind of knitting is at the same time exciting and relaxing – it just “swings”!
As the musical Swing is a living, dynamic, rhythmic music, Swing-Knitting also is dynamic and rhythmic. As Swing enriched Jazz with its intuitiveness, its danceadbility and its full sound, so does Swing-Knitting does to knitting: it’s lively and creates harmonious patterns. And if you have learned the basics, it’s quite easy to perform.
Like instruments in a Big Band, the knitted stanzas of the whole knitting swing together: they seem to move with each other, side by side, one upon the other. And even the keenest knitter won’t  see at once how you  have worked THIS pattern!