Swing-Knitting™ Workshops 4 and 5

Workshops 4 and 5 are consequent

to the basic Swing-Knittingworkshops 1 to 3.

They complement and expand the basic knowledge of Swing-Knitting. Together we’ll consider and plan every step of the Swingy Playground Wrap, and by the way you’ll learn everything about knitting melodies, pauses, starting the Swing-Knitting and the finale in Workshop 4.



Workshop 4 –
Basics of Swing-Knitting 4
Swingy Playground Wrap




as PDF download
77 pages, 40 colored illustrations, online since March 19, 2011
  • Swing-Knitting – more than a pattern
  • The knitting melody: ideas, possibilities, inspirations
  • The pause: ideas, possibilities, inspirations
  • Some rules of thumb for an esthetic design
  • Different possibilities for start and finale
  • Composition of the Swingy Playground Wrap
  • We knit the wrap together, step by step



Workshop 5 is the largest workshop I probably will ever write (?) – 103 pages, 94 photos and illustrations … You’ll really learn a LOT of tips and tricks in Swing-Knitting™!
In order to understand this workshop, you must have done Swing-Knitting™ 1 to 3.

Part 1 of this workshop is about “First Aid” – how to cope with mistakes, irregularities and mishaps while knitting – including Karin Fischer’s excellent description how to save a fallen double stitch.

In part 2 we’ll do the Swingy Hitchhiker – a large crescent shawl, diagonally swing-knitted™, that can be bound in your back. When I chose this project I didn’t guess the least of all the advanced Swing-Knitting™ techniques it brings along!

When you’ve swing-knitted™ the Swingy Hichhiker along with me, you will have earned your “journeyman’s exam” – and you will be fit to do your own projects in Swing-Knitting™ technique!


Workshop 5 –
Basics of Swing-Knitting 5
Swingy Hitchhiker


as PDF download
103 pages, 94 colored illustrations, online since Dec 18, 2011