Enigami is online – and a Helmstedt update


Finally Enigami went online!



Enigami is a bow shaped shawl that is knitted from side to side.
The shawl is knitted in two parts, both starting from the front tips. They meet in the back middle and are joined by an invisibly grafted seam.

The shawl is knitted in 33 steps – each step is a complete element.
The shawl involves elements of Swing-Knitting™, but the short row elements are also explained row by row so that an advanced knitter will be able to knit it without prior Swing-Knitting™ knowledge.

Every knitting technique that might not be known by everyone, is explained in detail in the Appendix Knitting Technique.

The Enigami shawl is knitted with 2 balls of fingering weight yarn – the yarn is sock yarn with a hand dyed variegation covering the complete 100 g ball, hand dyed by Wollelfe.
You will use both yarns consecutively.
Every time you change color, the yarn is cut. You will need the ball to knit the contrasting element on the respective other side of the shawl!
You can weave in the yarn ends with the first row of each element – the technical part explains the technique of weaving in yarn ends in detail.

You will knit short rows to make up the bowed shape of the shawl. The patterning is also accomplished by using short rows.

I will give you the instructions for both halves of the shawl in a table side by side – as a row by row instruction and as a short explanation for Swing-Knitters.

Alternative 1 – knitted by me

There are two alternative ways to finish the shawl – with a gap in the back middle or filled out – both are explained in detail.

Alternative 2 – knitted by Biene


 “Enigami“ – that’s “Imagine“ written backwards, mirrored on a vertical axis.

The name refers to the main elements of the shawl:
• The left and the right side of the shawl are mirrored, the colors as well as the patterning.
• The sharp contrasts of the two main colors nevertheless make up a harmonious whole – that’s how I wished this world to be!

My conceptual starting point for this shawl was a comic that Pablo Stanley has drawn according

to the song text of John Lennon’s “Imagine”: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/john-lennons-imagine-made-into-a-comic-strip/ – read more about Pablo Stanley here: http://www.stanleycolors.com/.

 Now I’ll show you some more photos of Biene’s awesome Enigami – presented by Ines – THANK YOU to Angelika, Ines and Biene for modling and knitting!!!!!!


Helmstedt 2015 – one more workshop


My workshop “Knitting with targets and mirrors and joints” is completely sold out, with a waiting list – and then five lovely American ladies decided to attend the 5th International Swing-Knitting Meeting in Helmstedt from May 8 to 10!

They wanted to attend this workshop as well …


A full class bilingually – this is beyond my possibilities! So Petra and I decided to repeat this class on Sunday, May 10, from 2 to 4.30 p.m. in English – those German students who did not catch a place in the class on Saturday and are fit in English, are invited as well!

This is the class description in English, and now I’m going to change all websites and the PDF with all the class offers :)!


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Here is the new program PDF in German and English: