Swingy Julekuler online!

Two days ago, the German version of the Swingy Julekuler went online on Ravelry, and I just finished uploading the English version.

My new neighbours charming young tom cats are to “blame” – they visit me quite frequently and think my Christmas decoration is a wonderful playground :), so my glass ornaments will stay in the box this year, I needed new unbreakable decoration for the Christmas tree!

The Swingy Julekuler are a fast and easy project. If you’ve done Swing-Knitting™ Workshops 1 to 3, you’ll have no problem following my step by step instruction.

On 27 pages with 48 pictures I show you 8 different ornaments: for two yarn weights and two ball sizes (6 and 10 cm), two pattern each with different stanzas . makes a total of 8.

You’ll learn something new as well – how to swing-knit in the round!

And now have fun “kulering” :)!

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