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  1. Please, can you Pm me and tell me few far more thinks about this, I am actually fan of your weblog… will get solved correctly asap.

    • admin sagt:

      What else to tell?
      The main technique is doing a start short row with always the same amount of stitches (the melody width) and move it, using a mathematical sequence of numbers (the knitting melody) for each short row field (stanza) of your work. This knitting melody can be 1,2,3,4,5 or any math sequence you invent, and you follow it throughout the whole work.

      There are two types of stanzas – both follow a similar construction but move in different directions. We use light and dark safety pins as landmarks, showing us the exact point in the row where we turned our work.
      It really gets exciting when you combine these two types of stanzas in “full” Swing-Knitting! There are some rules to learn and follow, and like magic in the end all your short rows are completed and the knitting is straight again.

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