Thank you, dear Ingrid

Thank you, dear Ingrid for getting to know you and grow fond as a friend!

You have encouraged me to start my swing knitting when I wanted to stop knitting completely! You have supported me over and over again, with much vigorous help in this subject and emotionally – (how many Hitchies have you testknitted, before we found out the right shape?)! Not only with swing knitting, but during all that rough time that hopefully soon lie behind me – without your great ideas, your clever advice and your craft talent in my flat it wouldn’t be half as nice here!

You have lived with confidence and faith in God, and I hope that you are now where there is no more pain and suffering any more.

I will miss you very much!

Today, in the afternoon of October 4th, 2011 Ingrid Kemper has passed away, shortly after her 65th birthday. She has fought so courageously against the cancer, but her body couldn´t keep up the fight. Today, shortly after her renewed admission in the hospital, on the Palliativ station of the Johannes hospital of Dortmund-Hörde, she peacefully passed away in her sleep, totally unexpected for her family and friends.

The requiem and burial will be next Monday or Tuesday; I´ll let you know more as soon as I get to know.

We – Ingrids knitting friends – would like to give her a flower arrangement in her favourite knitting colours.

If you want to take part in it, please get in contact with Gaby Auerbach (

This is how we’ll remember you!


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