Hottest news about Swingy Feet Sox !!!!!!

Here it is, the hottest news!

You will get your own Swingy Feet Sox!!!!!!

I have decided to give you your own socks, in English!!

It will start with this one

SSS SuperSedeSox

With this sock, you’ll learn that part of Swing-Knitting, that is involved in the Swingy Feet – in order to knit all the further sock models, you’ll have to do this one first!
You don’t have to know anything about Swing-Knitting when you start this sock, all that is needed will be included in the two Workshop socks, SSS is the first one!

Nada is already working on the translation, while I am still working on the knitting part.
We are very confident that the SSS workshop will go online by the end of this week.

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